Lost Property

It’s dark now; it usually is
Except for that brief glimpse when illumination tears through,
and then it returns and it all seems to much more desolate than before.

Our time apart was agony: great sweeping stride times where we crossed each other’s paths so frequently though fleeting.
It was a balancing act that ceased only at the end of a long day when we lay crumpled in a messy heap with beautiful silence and companionship.

Lifetimes of night-times are all lost now.
For now, discarded I wait alone; a strengthening assault on my soul of separation.
A single shoe
Lost property


Footsteps Lost in the Sand

I’m being tugged by the wind as it bustles around us
And plays with, and tussles, my hair
My feet are cold but they’re free
Walking the tide in the cool evening air

And our hands are warm
We’re holding on
Separation seems a malicious deceit
A concept that doesn’t feel real

Eyes seemed softened, wet from playful spray
And cheeks rosy from the exhausting smiles
That have become permanent
And I look behind
Just footprints in the sand
Being swept away by the silken folds of the sea’s skin
Living and breathing, ever reaching
Joining in with our dance
Blending our steps and our swirls
And we walk on
Making our own way
And we look back
And the tide still calls to us